Disney Hot Wheels Character Cars | Winnie the Pooh

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Have you ever wondered what Winnie the Pooh would look like as a Hot Wheel Vehicle? Wonder no more with these cool wheels. Now you and Winnie the Pooh can speed off on a 1:64 scale new adventure.
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Fans of Disney and Pixar will want to collect their favorite Hot Wheels models re-imagined as iconic characters from a rich legacy of entertainment. This Disney character Winnie the Pooh Hot Wheel is a 1:64 scale vehicle with realistic details and authentic deco’s is as magical as the characters they represent. Fuel kid's imagination and storytelling fun in a whole new way, the Hot Wheels way!

  • Awesome Winnie the Pooh Hot Wheel vehicle captures the essence of this favorite classic Disney character
  • Winnie the Pooh has been re-imagined as cool Hot Wheel car for creating magical storytelling adventures
  • 1:64 scale vehicle  
  • Has realistic details and authentic deco
  • Kids will want to collect them all!
  • Perfect for re-imagining favorites stories and fueling new adventures